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Finally getting some blood...

While Bella (Kristin Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) continue their heated love triangle as to what is best for Bella's future, the nearby city of Seattle is caught within a mysterious string of killings and disappearances. The Cullen family fears the worse, as they are not sure whether the problem in Seattle is related to Victoria (Bryce Dallas-Howard) or the Volturi but nevertheless, they decide that it is best to take precautions in case they get caught up into a situation they may not be able to control.

Eclipse continues the Twilight Saga in a far tighter manner than both its predecessors and this allows for a far more effective use of the Twilight mythology. New revelations are made about the cultures of the vampires and werewolves and this aids the film with a more cemented supernatural feel. Additionally, certain minor characters are allowed to voice their respective pasts: this aids the film's narrative with added character depth as well as giving these characters a vital role in the events to come. The overall narrative is structured reasonably well with two poignant story arcs taking place and ultimately fuse by the end. However, the events in Seattle only provides a simple distraction to the poorly conceived love story which is clearly holding back the series. Thankfully, the love triangle in the film escalates into a stronger conclusion than expected, but that does not stop it being rough around the edges and filled with character development that seems out of place. The romance is also portrayed far too positively with the apparent negative consequences of such oppressive love going unacknowledged. Speaking of which, an apparent theme of selfishness can be ascertained from the primary characters yet it is never utilised strongly enough to help connect the characters. The narrative is commendable, in light of the previous attempts, and definitely a step in the right direction for the final two movies.

With added improvement to the story, it seems rather disappointing that the acting of the central three figures continues to just fall short. Stewart continues to proceed in a dull manner and by this stage it may just be what her character is truly like: but scenes of romance are never able to excite as you would expect of the vampire genre. Sure, the intent behind the love which surrounds the characters is understandable but it continues to lack feeling from Stewart though she does build life in the final arc of the plot. Pattinson is not much better but his acts of jealously do admirably convey the sort of sinister nature which belies his character's love: pity the film never plays on this. Lautner continues his surprising performance from New Moon but the script never really allows him to further his contribution. Minor characters continue to strengthen the acting ensemble but it is a pity that those who represent the Volturi, are either limited to a few minutes or are completely absent.

Another slight improvement is in regards to the computer animation, which flows slightly better this time around with the live-action; a soundtrack that does not always feel tacked on for commercial profitably as orchestra highlights some of the high moments in the film; and directorial control that makes for a more well-rounded experience in which some decent action sequences are allowed to come to life.

Language is in running with previous films with its minimal and tame use. There is no nudity but sexual overtones are slightly stronger in Eclipse than seen in the previous films. The violence factor has been increased rather noticeably, either via implication or actual on-screen events. There is a greater emphasis on action but the lack of blood in death scenes stops it ever being overly violent.

The Volturi may not grant second chances, and for the Twilight franchise that is a good thing. Third time lucky it definitely is as Eclipse is a marked improvement over both the original Twilight and New Moon, mostly because the overall quality is better. The narrative has more depth; the actors appear to be getting a grasp of their characters, and all while the balancing of melodrama with action takes place. The story offers interesting depth and developments which ultimately become underused and so it is unfortunate that no facet of the film is really as strong as it should be given this is the third film in the series.


Screen date: 30 June 2010
Release date: 30 June 2010

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