Thursday, 16 September 2010

TGS 2010: Sony Conference Overview


3D support:
-Disaster 4: Summer Memories, Everybody's Golf, Final Fantasy 14, Gran Turismo 5, Metal Gear Solid Rising

Ape Escape Fury! Fury!:
- anime cutscenes.

Dynasty Warriors 7
- Developed only for PS3.

Firmware 3.5:
-3D bluray support.
-21 September.

Gran Turismo 5:
-My Home service: accessible from web and a hub for accessing messages, albums, friends list.
-Weather effects: rain and snow shown.
-Night time racing.
-X1 Prototype vehicle in game.

Gundam Musou 3:
-Cel shaded art style.
-December release for Japan.

Ico/ Shadow of the Colossus:
-HD Port for PS3.

Ni no Kuni:
-2011 release in Japan.
-No assets used from DS version of game.

Project Dark:
-Developed by From Software.
-Design philosophy similar to Demon's Souls.
-2011 release.
-PS3 exclusive.

The Last Guardian:
-2011 release.

Yakuza: Of the End:
-Fight Zombies.

-21 October release in Japan.


Playstation Portable

3rd Birthday:
-Possible vehicle and turret sequences included

Cardboard Warmachines:
-Anime sequences, cross media with an anime version.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy:
-Spring 2011 in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix:
-January release in Japan.

23 December release in Japan.

Monster Hunter:
-Special bundle for release of Monster Hunter 3rd.