Tuesday, 15 June 2010

E3 2010: Sony Conference Overview


Assassin's Creed; Brotherhood
-Multiplayer beta exclusive to PS3.
-Exclusive content.

Dead Space 2:
-Limited edition includes DS: Extraction with Move support.

Echochrome 2:
-Move title

Final Fantasy 14

Gran Turismo 5:
-Top Gear test track
-November 2 2010 launch.

Heroes on the Move:
-Move title
- Ratchet, Jak and Sly combined.

Infamous 2:
-Ice powers added.

Killzone 3:
-live demo in 3D
-February 2011 worldwide release
-Compatible with PS Move at launch

LittleBigPlanet 2:
-Competitive scoring system
-Make your own games with elaborate tools.
-Create HUD's.
-Trailer shows off user creations in 24 hours with no tutorials from the developers, including a working RTS title.

Mafia 2:
-Exclusive DLC at 1 on PS3 version.

Medal of Honor:
-Exclusive content for PS3 version: limited edition includes a remastered version of MOH Frontline.
-Title is modern day and work was done with actual soldiers, military and weapon personnel.
-New character: Deuce.
-Multiplayer designed by Dice.
-October 12 2010 release.

Portal 2:
-Best version on any console according to Gabe
-Coming 2011

Singstar Dance:
- Uses Move

-Move title.
-Play as a magicians apprentice.
-Flick at screen to attack.
-Spells include frost which freezes enemies
-Spells can be combined: fire and wind create a fire storm.
-Fix environments with magic.
-Change into different animals.
-Release: Spring 2011.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11:
-Move enabled through upcoming patch.
-1:1 movement.
-Power is important.

Twisted Metal:
-By Eat. Sleep. Play - David Jaffe.
-Flight added.
-Emphasis on team play.
-2011 release.

Playstation Move
-Launch fall 2010.
-Bundle with PS Eye, Move and Sports Champion for $99; PS3 bundle $399.
-Level of precisio
-Level of precision like realism.
-Camera and controller creates 1:1 tracking.
-Developer praise montage.


Playstation Portable


God of War: Ghost of Sparta


Patapon 3

The 3rd Birthday

Valkyria Chronicles 2



-Sony E3 booth recreated in Home.

Playstation Plus
-Subscription based PSN.
-Exclusive digital content, priority to betas, PSN store savings and free content like select PSN games.
- $49.99 for a year; $17.99 for 3 months.
First 3 months free.

Tester 2



- Motorstorm, Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Sly Cooper Collection, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Tron, The Fight, Eyepet.

Coca Cola:
-Cross over advertising with Playstation products.

-Exclusive content for Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2

Kevin Butler:
-Surprise attendance.
-Advertises PS Move.
-'Every gamer is a true gamer'

- 2nd most played console of 2009.

PSP ad campaign:
-Like PS3 ads, with Marcus.
-'Step your game up'

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