Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Summary that is South Africa

As a South African there has always been one thing I've always hated: South Africa. It all really started with the whole Hansie Cronje debacle and then I no longer supported the national cricket team. But it stems further then that: for all the great scenery that encompasses South Africa, relatively warm weather throughout the entire year, and the whole vibe of Durban, my city, there is also a whole lot of mess. Be it the insane level of crime and violence, the even higher failure rate to lower the levels of crime and violence, the awfully inadequate government with the supposedly next president facing corruption charges.. heck, we don't even have a Starbucks. Regardless I think it's pretty obvious that South Africa is caught up in a flux of dire circumstances.

What you are about to see is a live news broadcast with the financial department (the local currency is doing severely worse then normal compared to foreign markets... no wonder Playstation 3's cost double the price than in America). While funny, I still feel sorry for the humiliation which follows (and you should to), but nothing summaries the instability of the country more then the following video:

Luckily Mr. Nhlanhla Nene took the situation well:
'The wheel came completely off'

Nene chuckled at the thought of the number of people who had watched the 26 second clip. "It was quite embarrassing because you know you can imagine when the millions are watching..."

He said colleagues had teased him about it since.
News24 article

Good on you Mr. Nene, at least something is right in South Africa :)


Beven N said...

Interesting views, I feel the same way..

I lol'd at that video~!! ^^

Anonymous said...

And what connection does your sad little rant have to do with this youtube video? You went from ranting about a bad government to the high cost of a PS3 and Starbucks....

I find it pretty ironic that you hate this country so much. But yet here you are still studying and living in South Africa. Fucken hypocrite.

CruizD said...

In case you couldn't read, the video highlighted the instability of south africa.. taking the chair breaking to be metaphoric of this fact.

The Starbucks was a little joke, as was the PS3, with both being a form of intertext. I was also comparing SA to other countries... the PS3 just being an easy example of price differences between SA and USA.

Pity you failed to understand that.

Regardless, I am actually in the process of leaving for Canada. In case you haven't realized, not everyone is in the fortunate position of being millionaires and thus being able to easily emigrate.

We can't always get what we want... you think Africans enjoyed living under Apartheid rule? Little they could do at the time to get out of it... besides, didn't you get the part where I said I loved Durban? Clearly not...