Tuesday, 21 October 2008

PS3 DivX Video on Demand compatible sites

So firmware 2.5 brings a new feature to the PS3 which can easily rival Microsoft's Netflix deal: DivX Video on Demand support. However it does not appear to be the easiest feature to use. While you get it working, here are a few sites which appear Divx VoD compatible:

SugarDvd (adult only)
The Movie Library (offers DivX encoded files)

Not much, but it's a start to all curious PS3 owners who wish to have access to a large number of films.


Farzan said...

This is a pretty cool feature, but Im not sure alot of people are going to use it. I still think the Netflix thing is better

CruizD said...

I think the Netflix feature does seem to have a better working interface, but this VoD is a start for PS3 owners I suppose.

They should offer it for the PSP to I reckon.