Thursday, 11 March 2010

GDC 2010: Sony Conference Overview

Playstation 3

Playstation Move
- motion controller.
- bundles include standalone controller, with the playstation eye and a whole PS3 bundle.

Playstation Move sub controller
- 2nd controller to assist the Move for use in traditional games.

- trailer shows off the PS Move adding new motion control actions to the game beyond the existing PS Eye movements.

- demo showcasing the PS Move.
- one person controls the Sackboy while the other player uses the Move to manipulate the environment.

Gran Turismo 5:
- will ship in 2010.

Motion Fighters:
- black and white 3rd person fighting game where 2 PS Move controllers are used for each arm of the character.

Move Party:
- family title which uses the Move, PS Eye and mic.
- similar in design to the original Eyetoy games by including a bunch of mini games like hitting objects, painting and cutting hair.

Socom 4:
- includes support for the motion controls with use of the Move and sub controller.

Sports Champion:
- includes a variety of games including Gladiator Fight, table tennis.

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