Tuesday, 18 August 2009

GC 2009: Sony Conference Overview


Eyepet - bundled with the PlaystationEye
Heavy Rain - new character
Home -
Singstar space with video jukebox and music quiz; Audi space ;new dance moves, animations, character customizations and a camera item
Uncharted 2

Motion controls -
Teaser video for now but fully shown at TGS 2009
Playstation 3 Slim - 120gb, 33% smaller, 36% lighter, available 1st week September at 299 Euros


Playstation Portable

Eye of Judgement
Minis - New titles for PSP on the PSN store with a 100mb size limit; 15 titles on launch October 1st with 50 titles through 2009. Includes Tetris, MiniGore, Fieldrunners, and Hero of Sparta
Gran Tursimo PSP - Anyone who registers their PSPGo in the first 10 days from launch get GT PSP free!
Loco Roco Midnight Carnival - exclusive download title

PSP 3000 -
new colours -- Turquoise Green, Lilac Purple and Blossom Pink.



Digital Reader - graphic novels, indie titles; includes Marvel; not just for comics.
Firmware 3.0 - interface changes; whats new section; animated themes
PSN - relaunch design for September 1
Video Download Service - Rent and buy films - PSP and PS3; launches November
Vidzone -
expanding to new PAL territories

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Farzan said...

I think Sony had a good show at GamesCon. Im happy that they finally dropped the price on the PS3 and announced the already leaked PS3 slim. With that said, Im upset over how ugly the Slim really looks. I mean its cool that its ligher and smaller, but what the fuck is up with that horrible design. I already didnt really like the design of the normal one, but even that one looks head and shoulders above the Slim in terms of design.