Sunday, 2 November 2008

Beware Bale, a new Batman Beckons!

A tip from my sister has sparked some new outrageous information regarding the third of Nolan's reinvented Batman trilogy. According to my sister, DC Comics came to the decision with Warner Bros. to have Christian Bale dropped. Who is taking up the cape after Bale? My sister's son. And from what she gathered, the sudden dismissal of Bale was not about the money! Sadly, Bale is going to be missing out on the arrival of the Riddler, who currently has no attached actor, or actress. Yes that's right, alternate early drafts of the script are being written to have the Riddler as a female in case an 'Edwin A. Salt' problem occurs. Here are some pictures she took of the casting event on October 31st:

The exhilaration of getting the role sure shows!

The light is blinding him... he is perfect for the role of the dark knight!

*script spoilers*
"Rachael... you're alive?"

Is... is that a gun?!?!?!?

Apparently Nolan wants a fight sequence where Batman has to adjust his mask during combat... it will add to the "cool factor" so he claims.

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween :)


Farzan said...

Dude, hes a fighter. Im sure he can whip Bale's ass :)

p.s nice pics

The Dark Knight Movie said...

The movie is too long. I was slept in between the film..Average kind of film. I didn't like it very much...I would not recommend this film to anyone.