Wednesday, 20 August 2008

GC: Sony Conference overview

Playstation Portable:

PSP 3000 - A new model, not new PSP. Has enhanced LCD for more intensity and less glare. A built-in microphone. 8 bundles, all at R2,287, either with FIFA, Go! Communication, Buzz!, Harry Potter

Loco Roco 2


Playstation 3:

80gb sku - going for R4586. Launch in EU on 28 August.
160gb sku - going for R5161. Launching in EU October 31, same functionality as 80gb.
Play TV - 19th September in EU.
Wireless Keypad - Attachable to the PS3 controller. Has a touchpad for mouse usage.

EyePet - Adopt a virtual animal which you can stroke and play with and so forth. Uses the eyetoy camera presume.
DC Universe Online
Free Realms
Heavy Rain - A QTE system seems in place.
LittleBigPlanet - 29th October is the release date.
Motorstorm 2
Ratchet and Clank
Resistance 2
Singstar Disney - music from Disney animations such as The Lion King.
Singstar Turkish Party - German exclusive it seems.
Singstar Volume 3 - an update will allow downloaded music to be playable on your PS3.
The Agency

Fat Princess [PSN]
Fl0wer [PSN]
PixelJunk Eden [PSN]
The Last Guy [PSN]
Wipeout HD [PSN]


Playstation Network:
Vidzone - music streaming service which is apparently free for early 2009. For use with PS3 and PSP.
Misc - Video service coming?


Farzan said...

Pretty good show, nothing really surprising. I thought the New PSP thing was kind of stupid, I mean why wont they just release a PSP2 instead of a PSP1.5? Heavy Rain looks awesome though, its the only thing that Im really excited about simply because I love the guys who are making it.

metalotaku said...

Well, dont know if i should be excited, or sad, cuz i bought the PSP 2000 less than a year ago - but its been so awesome. Glad there is a new one though, hopefully it will boost sales - PSP forever!

CruizD said...

Yeah Heavy Rain looks really awesome though I'm a little concerned about the control scheme and game play.

The PSP announcement is strange though, in some way, expected perhaps. The new features make it worth a look, but it can become numbing for anyone like metalotaku (I know how you feel dude). Though as long as it gets improved sales then why not.

A for not being a new PSP, I guess really because the PSP has been out for a mere few years, I think its too early for a completely new model, which im sure will have two analog nubs and not just one.
On the plus side, the new features in the revisions can actually help make the new PSP cheaper then it perhaps would be... I mean, with the newer LCD screen, better button movement and built-in mic... these could make a new PSP extra costly, but Sony will make these payable by using them now... if you know what I mean?