Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Dual Shock 3 EU release in end July?

I originally posted this article in another blog of mine on Tuesday 20 May 2008, but have since disbanded that blog.

Upon pre-ordering Metal Gear Solid 4, I noticed that the Dual Shock 3 was yet available in South Africa or any other PAL territory for that matter, with the latest known date being a simple 'imminent'. So I proceeded to get hold of Sony Playstation South Africa so as to inquire about the release date for the Dual Shock 3. Their reply was for me to buy a third party controller from Logitech. As I am the sort of person who only buys official products (though on the rare case will go third party), I replied, detailing how the official Sony Dual Shock 3 was only available in Japan and America, and how I wished to know the release date for the Dual Shock 3 from Sony. The reply I received, from an alternate source that I do not wish to specify in case their relationship with Sony Playstation becomes damaged, was:

We have been advised that SCEE will be launching the Dual Shock 3 at the end of July in all PAL territories.

End of July? After Metal Gear Solid 4
? Considering that the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle for European territories does not include a Dual Shock 3 but a Sixaxis, I think the end of July might be correct.

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