Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Top 10 Dissapointments of 2007

First was my top 10 Film of 2007, and now the disappointments of the year. The same variables as before count, so if something dire is missing, be sure to shout out about it. Also it must be noted that these aren't necessarily films which had hype but failed to live up to expectations. The disappointment factor here is that they did not make for good cinema.
And with that, here are my disappointing 10:

10. Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider comes across as something deserving of more violence, something akin to Blade. The acting is not particularly bad, but an inconsistent beginning arc, pointless romance, and extremely short fight scenes, don't help make a good film out of a cool premise.

9. Night at the Museum
Review not available.

8. Flicka
Review not available.

7. Mr Bean's Holiday
Mr Bean's holiday never reaches it potential, but there are some shining moments worthy of the original television series. While wholesome clean fun, the sentimental flavour of the story only goes to numb its overall performance.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean; At World's End
What started with smooth sailing, and a bumpy voyage, ultimately ends on a satisfyingly note, but it's not the film many would have hoped for. The magic of the original is mostly not present, the characters lack the depth they had captured from the previous installments, and the humour and action is not of an exceptionally high standard. Still, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is entertaining, with some gorgeous scenery and choreography, likable characters, and a fulfilling fantasy story :never has the world of pirates from long ago felt so real and fresh.

5. Gracie
Review not available.

4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The Order of the Phoenix is both a better and worse film in the series thus far. The world of magic is easily becoming more realistic and not some light-hearted affair at creating a simple fairy tale feel, and the film itself feels more mature. But acting, cinematography and, most importantly, the story, fail to deliver. This latest incarnation of the popular book series, is moving in the right direction and it's obvious that we can expect great things from the films to come, but then again, what is expected is never always delivered, and the order of the Phoenix is a prime example. It's not a particularly bad film, but it falls short of expectations.

3. Spider-man 3
With a mess of a storyline, odd placed scenes and dialogue, underdevelopment of villain characters, and a general lack of energy, Spider-Man 3 becomes the very thing it was toted never to be: an utterly horrid film experience. And any positive elements are so far and few, that they themselves cannot effectively be of any help. Spider-Man 3 attempts to be two films, but only proves to be half the potential of one.

2. The Return
Review not available.

1. Premonition
Review not available.

What were your disappointing films of last year?


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